Download or delete multiple provisioning profiles at once


On iOS Workflow / Code Signing section, there are multiple provisioning profiles and it’s only possible to download or delete one by one, but not all at once.

Use case

When there is 20+ provisioning profiles and code signing fails, most often I just want to replace them all so having buttons “Download All” and “Delete All” would be really great.

@appculture-ios thank you for requesting a feature, please don’t forget to vote on it. :slight_smile:

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Added to our internal tracker too - thanks for the #feature-request @appculture-ios! :slight_smile: Hope we can work on this soon :wink:

Hi @appculture-ios,

We are glad to inform you that the “Delete all” feature for provisioning profile and certificate files are implemented and already released.

Thanks again for the #feature-request and Happy Building! :slight_smile:


Great, thanks a lot for that feature! :slight_smile:

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