Detox - AWS Device Farms/ Bitbar

Hello, is there support for BitBar/ AWS device Farm with Detox. Currently we are using Detox but unable to run emulators on the same.

Can someone point me in the best direction to run Android E2E tests for Android ?

Hello @rajath.rao :wave:

We do not have any official steps for Detox, so the only thing we can do is provide guides and best practices. The guide we have for Detox is Running Detox tests on Bitrise | Bitrise DevCenter. Other than that we have some Detox related issues and solutions on Discuss and we also have this blog post:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Detox is primarily aimed at iOS. Its support for Android used to be very limited (might have changed now). The most reliable way to run Android UI tests is through Espresso. The rest of the tools have various limitations. Further, running Android tests on CI is not straightforward. The tools have serious limitations and the documentation is usually convoluted.

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Hello , we are already running the iOS tests on Bitrise . So you suggesting that we run espresso separately on Bitrise ? Also most test currently run on detox android emulator locally . I am weary of the effort it could take to rewrite tests in espresso … any suggestions please @ashishnarmen

Hello I know officially you don’t support detox ? But can I ask if there are customers who use Bitrise and run android tests on your pipelines ? That would make my life easier to decide if it’s even worth trying running my android detox specs on Bitrise … there are already issues running the same and was not sure what to do … iOS runs perfectly fine on Bitrise @Roland-Bak

You may want to check out previous discussions on this:

If you are using standard machines, you may also want to consider upgrading your plan to use the elite machines as this can be resource intensive. You can also open a ticket with support and request a free trial with the elite machines to try.

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