Deployment issue to FastLane

I’m seeing this error in the logs:

Could not find apk file at path ‘/bitrise/deploy/app-release-1.0.144.apk’

However, I’m not sure how I get FastLane to detect my apk, and upload.

Could you assist?

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Depends completely on your configuration.

Do you use our Gradle Runner step to generate the APK? If you do, that step exports the path of the APK into the BITRISE_APK_PATH environment variable. As fastlane uses a Ruby based DSL, you can reference env vars there with ENV['ENV_KEY'], in this case ENV['BITRISE_APK_PATH'].

In Bash scripts (in scripts usually) the format is $ENV_KEY, e.g. $BITRISE_APK_PATH.

If you have any questions just let us know!