Defining which stack to use in the yml file?

How do you define which stack to use in the bitrise.yml file?
I couldn’t find anything in the documentation…

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That’s not possible yet @bsarrazin, please vote on the related #feature-request :

I would said that it is possible but not directly.
You can create separate apps for each stack and additional app which will trigger appropriate builds using build trigger api depending on something you can set in bitrise.yml.

That’s of course possible, and thanks for the note @koral! Long term though it’d be great to be able to specify the stack in the yml, e.g. if you want to test only one branch on a new Xcode version for example; that’s quite a bit of work right now, so please vote on the linked #feature-request too if you’d like a streamlined / built in solution! :wink:

I’ve already voted, several weeks ago :wink:

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Voted! And asked my team to vote too!

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Thanks @koral & @bsarrazin! :slight_smile:

2020 and I still have the same wish, can’t seem to follow the Link. :v:
Was there some action on this? :slight_smile: