Api request

Description of the feature request

Create post/get api to change config.json

Use case / for what or how I would use it

we can modify build number inside and other config which are not modified by workflow steps
for eg:-If we have a react native project we have two builds which we will be using one build number so it won’t work because if current build number is 20 and android deploy ran first it will increment it by 21 and then ios will run it will make 22

or create something so we can update env-vars within build and it should save that value for future purpose

Thanks for the feature request. You can pass data between stages of a pipeline using intermediate file sharing

See: Configuring a Bitrise Pipeline - Bitrise Docs

but i want to store that number for next build for ref

You could store the value as a secret and read/update using the secret api

See: Managing Secrets with the API - Bitrise Docs