Crash Xcov all the time

I launch my fastline and i have all the time the crash of xcov

[12:36:48]: ------------------
[12:36:48]: --- Step: xcov ---
[12:36:48]: ------------------
[12:36:48]: Installing Ruby gem 'xcov'...
[12:36:56]: Successfully installed 'xcov'
[12:36:56]: Sending crash report...
[12:36:56]: The stack trace is sanitized so no personal information is sent.
[12:36:56]: To see what we are sending, look here: /Users/vagrant/.fastlane/latest_crash.json
[12:36:56]: Learn more at
[12:36:56]: You can disable crash reporting by adding `opt_out_crash_reporting` at the top of your Fastfile
[12:36:56]: -------------------
[12:36:56]: --- Step: slack ---
[12:36:56]: -------------------
[12:36:56]: Successfully sent Slack notification
[12:36:56]: An error occurred while executing the `error` block:

Hey @YannickSteph!

This piece of log doesn’t says too much. Please try to cat /Users/vagrant/.fastlane/latest_crash.json in a script step to see if we might have more error messages.

Beside of this I can think of version mismatches, if this command is working locally but not on bitrise. For example ruby version.

Please check those as well!

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