Collect code coverage during virtual Android device testing



Description of the feature request

Collect code coverage during virtual Android device testing. Make it available to a following script step.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I would merge device test code coverage statistics with unit test statistics and send the result slack.


Hi @markus.kallander

Thanks for the #feature-request!

Could you please clarify this a bit? Is the issue that there’s absolutely no code coverage report, or just that it’s not exposed?

For generating code coverage reports I found this:


right now there is no way to create a test coverage report for the tests running in the android virtual device step.
While we are able to do that for our unit tests by having a Gradle Runner step to execute the coverage report, we cannot do the same for the instrumentation tests as the gradle task you are running is not editable. createDevDebugCoverageReport could be a potential gradle task to run in case we want to both run the instrumentation tests and create the test coverage report for them


So to be clear @viktorbenei I am using the BETA version of Android device testing step and my question is how I can enable jacoco test reports. The SO solution you posted assumes that we are having full control over the Firebase test labs, which is not the case as far as i understand when we use Bitrise’s step


Hy there!

We created a card for the tooling team to find a way to collect code coverage reports from firebase as a default.
If the enchantment is done, we will post it here.