CMake Install

I would like to install CMake on the machine to use it with my Android App.
I have minimum version of CMake defined in my gradle file file as 3.7.0.
When I use script in workflow to install CMake the version of it is always 3.5.1 and then I get an error
that my installed version is to low. How can I install the latest version of CMake with script?
Best regards, Bartek

Hi @kzq21! Could you share a URL for a build here that contains this script, so we can see the behaviour? :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply!
I have arleady solved my problem but now I have another question.
Is it possible to get higher version of Ubuntu on the machine?
Currently I got 16.4, is there any option to get version 18?

That’s great news! Our Linux stacks are currently on 16.4, working on providing an Ubuntu 18 stack.

I don’t think you can effectively install a new Ubuntu version, since that a whole lot of your build time.

You can try to build it once and then use as your custom docker image.

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