Cloud Development with JetBrains Gateway

Hello! Maybe it’s the wrong thread but nevertheless…
I’ve been experimenting with the remote development recently. The basic idea is like working with JetBrains platform on a terminal server. You have a thin client (JetBrains Gateway) running on your machine and the IDE running on the remote server exchanging some UI interaction data between (not a VNC or remote desktop).
So you may use a small PC or even a tablet to run resource consuming tasks.
I’ve tried some of the services (GitPod to be exact) bundled with JetBrains gateway and they generally work but not production-stable I would say.
Given your engineering level, I think you could do much better here :slight_smile:
Have you guys checked the technology already?
I would definitely try the remote development if you decide to provide any :slight_smile:

Best, Nikolai

There is another option based on rsync: GitHub - buildfoundation/mainframer: Tool for remote builds. Sync project to remote machine, execute command, sync back.
This one offloads builds only while the IDE stays on your machine

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Great idea, I’d love this! :slight_smile:

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