Change artifact name

Some questions:

  1. Are artifacts saved for all builds?
    If most of the builds yield the same file, is a copy saved for each build?

  2. Is there a way to control the name of the artifact to be different from the name saved in the project?
    For example the name to contain the build number?

  3. Do you have any support for 2FA for download the artifact?

Thanks, Nava.

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Yes, artifacts saved per build, separately.

yes - change the file name before the Deploy to step. The artifact’s “name” is the file’s filename

Not yet, please vote and comment here: Two-factor authentication

Thank you.
Another one:
Is there any way to get get the installation by password?
I saw I can choose if to send by mail the url to the artifactory and anyone can get to this link or to send only link to the build url.
I saw in the deploy step there is a value: $build_api_token
What is it for?

Thanks, Nava.

That’s for the artifact upload, to communicate with the artifact API (

No, but the link includes a per-artifact slug in the URL, which is also combined with the ID of the artifact. Guessing this URL is harder than guessing a standard password. These install pages are not indexed, so it won’t leak to Google either, unless you post it somewhere public.

Another option is to not to use the Public Install Page, and instead download the artifact/app from the build’s page. That way only those can download it who are in your app’s team on

You can turn off the Public Install Page option in the Deploy to step, by setting the Enable public page for the App? option of the step to false.

Another question:

Thanks, Nava.

It’s stored separately in the DB, encrypted.