Can you please create responsive mobile view

The work flow section is not mobile friendly and not responsive at all.

Even when viewing in desktop mode on the phone the page doesn’t scale correctly. Can this be fixed soon?

Bitrise has a good product but this is holding it back

Hi @Kaddatech, thanks for taking the time to send us this feedback :+1:. We really appreciate it.

I’d like to understand your use case a bit better - what activity are you trying to complete in the workflow editor? Where are you and what are you doing when you try to do this activity on your phone rather than on a laptop/desktop machine?


Hi i am simply trying to add new steps to the work flow and edit these steps

Desktop is not always available in my line of work. Mobile is convenient. So I try to manage and edit the work flow on my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra.

Thanks for the extra info. Can I ask why desktop is not always convenient - for example, are you out and about doing something away from a desk? It will really help us to know what context you’re using Bitrise in.

Its 2024 desktop is for people that have time.

If I need edit and kick off a workflow on the fly i should easily be able to do this from my mobile device.