Build setup for n white label apps for different build types

I am trying to build an efficient build process with less duplication and setup. I am a bit stuck.
We have one android code repository, that contains white-label app modules. I want to achieve the following:

  • trigger git push “uat” branch to trigger uat workflow
    • uat worklow to trigger uat builds for app1, app2, app3 … (each app shares env variables with different values)
  • triggger git push “master” branch to trigger release workflows
    • release workflow to build app1, app2, app3

App builds should run in parallel.

In the current setup we have two trigger workflows “trigger_uat” “trigger_production”
“trigger_uat” uses “Bitrise start build” step to start uat_app1, uat_app2, uat_app3 workflows (same workflow for all just different env variable values).
Same setup for “trigger_production” that starts production_app1, production_app2, production_app3 workflows. This means that we have to create 2 workflows for each white-label app.
I hope this makes sense.

I am trying to find a better way to build white-label apps without ending up with hundreds of workflows. The best option I could think of was using run_if on a workflow but unfortunately, this is not supported.

Is there a better way for this sort of setup?

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