Build compilation took so long to finished with cocoapods

I have changed my dependency from carthage to cocoapods, after migration, my build always took 24-25 mins to run the tests which was 12-14 only for carthage.

I found that using cocoapods, my xcode test for iOS steps spent a lot time for compilation even cache push and cache pull steps works perfectly.

I would like to know if there is possibility to caching compilation file, so that xcode somehow not compile every time for the PR.

Here is my build

I am still waiting for reply …

Hi @chetan.dobariya!

Really sorry about the delay! In case your issue is of urgent nature please contact support directly (which you can do on-site or via e-mail at

Can you please enable Support Access in the Settings of your app?

The support is already enabled…

@bitce you still need any other info to proceed? or please let me know whether you have looked into problem…

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