Build Artifact MetaData for Android App Bundle is not working as expected

We are fetching info and downloading builds using Bitrise API for our internal tooling.

APIs Used: Managing build artifacts - Bitrise Docs

This is working as expected for APK files on Android.

While we are exploring support for AAB (Android App Bundle) we found one small issue on meta data for artifact_type. Other MetaData fields looks okay.


  • Build APK and Upload Artifact
  • Build AAB and Upload Artifact
  • Fetch Artifact Details Using Bitrise API
  • Observe for artifact_type field in both cases.

Current behavior
Bitrise API Return “artifact_type”=>“android-apk” for AAB

Expected behavior
Expected: “artifact_type”=>“android-aab” or similar

Hey @jigneshCupid,

Could you please reach out to support and we will take a look at your build.

Have a nice day!

Hi @jigneshCupid

If you look at the entire API response, data[0].artifact_meta.aab field should have a file path when it is an aab instead of an apk. You can use this to fetch info/download AAB builds using the API.

Yes @kaushal.bitrise, we are using this way currently. Thanks for this confirmation on the same.

So, does it safe to assume this is the minor bug here?
Hopefully this can be tracked with respective team and maybe fixed in upcoming versions.

Good to hear you’re going to continue using it with this field @jigneshCupid

The artifact_type filed is intended for users to filter between iOS and Android, and not the file extension specifically, per se. It’s current behaviour is by design. I appreciate your feedback on this.

Noted, thanks @kaushal.bitrise for sharing this.