Bogus Sign in prompt on public build page

When not logged in user visits this public build page:
You need to log in or sign up before continuing. banner appears.
It seems to be bogus since there is no need to sign in to view public build logs.

Hi @koral!

Thanks for the report, is there a step-by-step you can provide or anything else you’ve done that could have led here? I keep on re-opening this page in an incognito window but I can not recreate the error

I’ve just loaded that URL in normal (non-incognito) mode. I’m normally using this browser so (at least some time ago) I was logged in to Bitrise.
Maybe that is the case. When session expires, prompt is shown no matter if URL belongs to public or private build.

That sounds really likely, I remember catching this error a few times already. I’ll try to pin down the behaviour and let you know

Hi @koral!

So you were definitely right, I was able to recreate this today! Hopefully we can eradicate this error soon enough :slight_smile:

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