Bitrise step or configuration for switching Java version


Description of the feature request

For a long time most of the Java eco system coalesced around JDK8 (certainly in the mobile space). However that time is now over, with tools like Gradle moving to a JDK11 minimum.

While Bitrise already took the step to preinstall JDK11, it is not the default. This is OK, since there is a reasonable chance of breaking things. Bitrise also provides a helpful guide on how to use a script step:

While that helps, it’s still somewhat esoteric and antithetical to the simplicity of Bitrise. Common actions should be a configuration value or be should at least be in the step library.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Easily set up new workflows for iOS (tools like Kotlin/Native in this case) and Android apps that require JDK11.



Thank you! I will enter this into our db for evaluation.

And you are correct! Both versions were provided on the stack due to various things breaking. We wanted to allow our users to move forward without breaking what was already there!

As you indicated, we do provide scripts that can be included in your workflow to switch to Java 11 so we hope that is relatively easy to use. But I do agree that a step would be more convenient and just a bit “cleaner” !