Bitrise - Show last login of users in the management console

Description of the feature request

Hi ,
would be good to have details about the last time a user logged into Bitrise.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

This would allow us to manage users better and remove those that are not using Bitrise since a long time.
In the list of users i could see all the users registered to our company account and the last access to our bitrise.
If someone hasn’t logged in since 5 months, i can remove it and keep the users list clean.

Hi @marco.moscatiello,

Thanks for the #feature-request!

Just to be sure, you’d like this to be an Organization feature, right? E.g. to be able to see the last login date on the Organization’s People tab / list (and not on an app’s Team tab)?

yes ! exactly !
Also, Would be good to be possible to add a name and a surname to the user’s detail, cause most of the users are added to bitrise from Github, having weird nicknames sometimes, therefore becomes very hard to understand who they are once they leave the company.

Would be possible to add name and surname to the user in the people’s list ?
Thank you :slight_smile:


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Definitely! Can you please create a separate #feature-request for that @marco.moscatiello? Would be easier to track these two separately :slight_smile:

sure, will do!

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