Bitrise-init tool / the bitrise scanner issues and updates

Started working on adding Carthage configuration auto detection support to bitrise-init / the bitrise config scanner tool.

Carthage support PR:

We decided to add Podfile fix to the new version of bitrise-init.

The scanner sometimes fails with:

[15:42:39] e[34;1mSearching for Podfilese[0m
[15:42:39] 1 Podfiles detected
[15:42:39] - LocallySelected/Podfile
[15:42:49] e[31;1mAnalyzer failed, error: No Podfile exists at path `LocallySelected/Podfile`.e[0m

No Podfile exists at path comes from cocoapods-core gem’s Podfile.from_file() function, see:

As a fix, i expanded the Podfile path, used by this ruby scripts and improved the error logging, PR:

Another Podfile related issue:

[09:10:13] e[34;1mSearching for Podfilese[0m
[09:10:13] 1 Podfiles detected
[09:10:13] - Podfile
[09:10:24] e[31;1mAnalyzer failed, error: Pod::DSLErrore[0m

This seems to be an issue in the Podfile or in Pod’s spec, based on this threads:

bitrise-init will print the files in the search dir if no platform detected.

tree . -L 3

Related PR:

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bitrise-init 1.1.0 released, started updating the project-scanner step.

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project-scanner 1.1.0 is shared in the steplib.