New project scanner

New project scanner (0.12.0) released.

The project scanner uses a shared bitrise-init package, which is used to auto-generate a bitrise config (bitrise.yml) by scanning the project.

The new version contains several updates:

android packages update scipt

extra-android-support update removed from the script, since it is removed from the google repositories.

cocoapods project-workspace mapping fixes

The scanner now handles properly the Podfile even if a custom project or workspace is defined in the Podfile.

macos support

The scanner now detects the macOS project type and creates the base workflow for you.

shared scheme link fix

If your iOS/macOS project does not contain any shared schemes, the step notifies you and the fix link will point to the correct url on our devcenter.

warn if xcshareddata is gitignored

If your shared schemes are gitignored the scanner will notify you about it.