Bad validation in Bitrise issue creation form (on

I tried to create an issue with the title “XCUITests fail with error NSInternalInconsistencyException”, but your internal Bitrise forum tool would not let me submit, with the error “Title seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?”

Now, I realize you probably get a lot of garbage title posts around here, but this is a very condescending thing to auto-check and not give the option to workaround. Yes, Bitrise, I meant that title. By making me remove the name of the relevant exception, you forced me to make my issue much less clear.

Please either provide a workaround or disable this validation altogether; it’s creating negative value for your product.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll discuss it with the team!

In the meantime I see you created the issue (XCUITests fail on Bitrise, but not locally) with the title XCUITests fail on Bitrise, but not locally.

I definitely see your point, your case was a false-positive, but I believe the title you ended up with is perfectly fine and provides more context than the original one. Still, false positives are not fun (the original one should have been OK too), we’ll discuss this internally, thanks again! :slight_smile: