AWS s3 to Bitrise workflow

If we want to get the artifacts from S3 so that we can proceed with out build in Bitrise, is that possible to do? IF yes how?

Hi @niraj-mishra! :wave: To download from an S3 bucket, you’d have to use a script step and compose your own script to authenticate with the bucket and download the desired files. You could also take a look at a pre-composed S3 download script like this one: A minimal authenticated S3 download script using only Bash, Curl, and OpenSSL. · GitHub

Hope that helps! :smile:

Thanks for the info… i was actually looking for any way if can get artifacts from AWS S3 to continue with bitrise build.

Hey there @niraj-mishra!

In case you need to get an artifact from Amazon Web Services, you can simply use our File Downloader step and set the URL you would need to get it from :slight_smile:

You can read more about the File Downloader step here: Downloading or replacing project resources | Bitrise DevCenter