AWS Device Farm Runner does not support custom tests

Currently Bitrise’s AWS Device Farm Runner Build Step supports scheduling a test run in a standard test environment but NOT in a custom test environment.

The key difference between these two is that the custom test environment has an additional testSpecArn attribute included in the --test parameter.

Standard Test

aws devicefarm schedule-run --project-arn projectARN --app-arn appARN --device-pool-arn devicePoolARN --name customTestName --test type=APPIUM_NODE,testPackageArn=testPackageARN

Custom Test

aws devicefarm schedule-run --project-arn projectARN --app-arn appARN --device-pool-arn devicePoolARN --name customTestName --test testSpecArn=testSpecARN,type=APPIUM_NODE,testPackageArn=testPackageARN

Proposed Fix:
Add support for inserting a testSpecArn as an argument in the build step GUI.
This would then be mapped to the testSpecArn value under --test
--test testSpecArn=testSpecARN,type=APPIUM_NODE,testPackageArn=testPackageARN

Related Github Issue: Allow specifying the test-spec ARN · Issue #46 · peartherapeutics/bitrise-aws-device-farm-runner · GitHub

Hi @prios-don-mclean!

As mentioned on the thread, owns this repository as it’s a community created step and we do not have control or right to modify its current form, unfortunately.

That said, it’d be interesting to see this ability if you chose to create a PR for implementing the feature! :slight_smile:

@bitce You’re all more than welcome to send PRs if you want :wink:

I don’t really have time anymore to actively develop this step but I am trying my best to still stay on top of issues in my spare time and plan to accept any PRs that are tested, documented, and backwards-compatible.

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