Automatically abort repeating/identical ongoing workflows

Description of the feature request

It’s common for workflows automatically triggered by github to overlap, if for example a user opens a PR from dev to main It’ll trigger the workflow “dev —> main” which is fine but if the user pushes another commit onto that PR it’ll trigger a second workflow and keep both running til completion, depending on the size of teams and companies those “zombie workflows” can eat up the quota of available runners.

It’d be interesting if there was an option for Bitrise to automatically abort ongoing older versions of a workflow when a new one is executed.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Here we’d use it for basically all our triggered workflows, more than often we need to manually abort older versions of workflow when there are many commits/merges to a branch with triggers just so the latest runs don’t get put on hold.

What I define as a repeating workflow is one which has been triggered from the same origin (e.g. PR or branch).

There is such a feature on Bitrise. It is called “Rolling builds” see the docs: Rolling builds - Bitrise Docs

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That’s exactly what I was looking for… thank you