AppCenter CLI Upgrade Required?


Description of the issue

AppCenter have updated their servers and according to :
AppCenter CLI must run on 2.7.x minimum (released in September) in order to upload and distribute builds. XCode latest stable release (12.2 stack) comes with AppCenter CLI 2.5.x. In fact the next Xcode stack (12.3) also comes with AppCenter CLI 2.5.x.


Currently it is no longer possible to upload a binary to AppCenter.


Is there any plan to update AppCenter CLI to 2.7.x or do we have to manually add a script that updates it (therefore consuming build time)?

Update (Dec 8 @ 16:20 UTC)

I have added a manual script to download the latest AppCenter CLI. It doesn’t work with the AppCenter Upload step. I still get a 500 internal error. Meaning that the Bitrise step might also need an update?

It seems like a few people are having a hard time with the AppCenter upgrade



I have the some issue
I use appcenter-deploy-ios@1.1 (exit code: 1) and appcenter-deploy-android@1.1
I get all day failing ---->
Failed to create new release, error: invalid status code: 500, url:*******/release_uploads, body:

I got email from appcener


The appcenter distribute release in App Center CLI versions prior to v2.7.0 has stopped functioning as per our earlier announcement sent a few days back. To continue using App Center distribution capability from the CLI, please upgrade your CLI to the latest versions (v2.7.0 or above). You can upgrade Appcenter CLI by running the following command in your terminal/command prompt: npm i -g appcenter-cli . Also, if you are using custom scripts with our swagger API, please adjust your script based off the implementation of App Center CLI . To get more information on CLI installation, refer to App Center CLI GitHub repo. As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

If you are using REST API – all endpoints ending with release_uploads are being deprecated.

If you are using a Pipeline Task from ADO you need to migrate to the “App Center Distribute Task”. For more information, please refer to

Keep in mind due to a high volume of release service usage today it’s quite possible you might experience some delays or outright failure in manual uploading through the web portal. We are working to mitigate this issue ASAP!

Could you advice me please?



We are getting 410 using latest Deploy to AppCenter step uploading iOS apps



We are still working on an update for this, it is very complex and may take some time.

Please try this workaround by adding a script step:

npm uninstall -g appcenter-cli
npm install -g appcenter-cli

And then to release an update to an app deployment they have to run appcenter codepush release
Full list of commands are here:

Please also try creating an APPCENTER_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable with their API token in case they haven’t yet, it’s important that it’s called exactly this way, or else the App Center CLI won’t recognize it.

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