Apk info step unable to access package_name, version_code and version_name

Since last friday, the step apk-info of my Android applications is unable to get the values package_name, version_code, version_name, which are needed for the subsequent steps. The app_name is correctly found.

Here is an example of output :

=> APK Info: {:file_size_bytes=>29476687, :app_info=>{:app_name=>“XXXXX”, :package_name=>"", :version_code=>"", :version_name=>"", :min_sdk_version=>“19”, :icon_path=>"/bitrise/deploy/icon.png", :icon_apk_path=>“res/mipmap-xxxhdpi-v4/ic_launcher.png”}}

The “Upload to Bitrise step” is also unable to access those information :

apk infos: map[app_name:XXXXXX package_name: version_code: version_name: min_sdk_version:19]

The APKs are successfully exported to Bitrise, and have no problem on install. The missing information can be found on a local computer using the command aapt dump badging [apk_file]:

package: name=‘XXXXXXXX’ versionCode=‘137’ versionName=‘2.0.0’ platformBuildVersionName=’’

The problem seems to appear on all my Android apps.

Workaround : switching back the stack from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 16.04. However it’s a bit of a pain to switch back all apps, and some of my custom steps require Ubuntu 18.04.


Hi @raphaelmina,
Could you send us a build’s URL?

Hi @tamasbazsonyi ,

Do you mean an internal build URL (if so, will you have access to it ?) ? Or a public install page ?

Hi @raphaelmina,
The internal build URL. We have access to the logs, so I would be able to check it. But it would be even better if you could enable Bitrise Support Access to the app. (https://devcenter.bitrise.io/troubleshooting/enabling-bitrise-support-user/) If you enable Support User Access I could also check the project configurations.

I enabled the Bitrise support for one of my app. The build is the following : https://app.bitrise.io/build/dd70e0a965bf1e2a

Hi @raphaelmina ,
We are really sorry for the delay, our tooling team managed to deploy a fix and the latest 1.3.14 version of the Deploy to Bitrise IO step should be working fine. The version should be displayed in the logs and also on the public page for new builds with the latest version. Could you update the workflow and try it?

Regarding the apk-info step, it is a community created step. We submitted a PR to fix this issue, but sadly we can’t provide an ETA on when a new version would be available with this update as we aren’t maintaining the step.

If you’d have any issues or questions let me know! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, with the upgrade to latest versions of the Deploy to Bitrise, it seems ok.


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