Android emulator keyboard doesn't let to enter text

To run my Xamarin Android Uitests Im using “start-android-emulator step”.
emulator seems to be started successfully but while trying to enter the text via app.EnterText((my_enter_field_id, “my_value”);
I’m getting the error
System.Exception : Error while performing EnterText(Marked(“my_enter_field_id”), “my_value”)
----> System.TimeoutException : Timed out waiting for keyboard to be shown.]]

for me it looks like the emulator keyboard is somehow disabled.
Is there any idea how to let it enter the text?

Hi @vbarzdyka,

Can you please copy paste the related build’s URL? We’ll look into it ASAP!

Hi @viktorbenei,

Here u have the link to the build with the error:

Can you please follow this guide to Remote Access / Remote Desktop into the build VM?

The guide works, but is obviously still “beta” - feel free to comment under it if you have any questions! :slight_smile: