Allow output from Gradle Runner step to be stored in a file

Description of the feature request

The gradle runner step allows for custom parameters such as stacktrace or no-daemon. However, redirecting the output to a file is (as far as I know) not possible. The only way to do it is by enabling -debug, but that not only writes to file but also adds tons of other output, resulting in a several MB file that is super hard to process.


Provide an additional option (or parameter) to allow the output to be saved in a file. Ideally, the output should be “teed” into both the stdout and the file, so we get the live logs in the Bitrise dashboard as well as the file for later processing.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We are running a later step to process all build warnings and get some custom insights from it. The only way to do this analysis is by having an option to process the gradle output either from a file or by using the tee (or similar) command redirection.

Possible imp here: Added support for exporting gradle output to file by angelolloqui · Pull Request #101 · bitrise-steplib/steps-gradle-runner · GitHub

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