Allow for bitrise.yml step's is_skippable attribute to accept a dynamic value

Description of the feature request

Right now a step’s is_skippable flag can only accept true or false. The feature request is to allow the is_skippable flag to accept a dynamic value like ‘{{getenv “API_SKIP_TESTS” | eq “true”}}’

Currently, the run_if attribute has this functionality, so hopefully it’s simple work to duplicate the same functionality for the is_skippable attribute.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

A great example of this is where builds are managed by a separate admin system that pings the Bitrise API to start a build with different options. Different options could be to do a dev build or a production build. Another option could a be “UI/UX” review build where a product manager would check the progress of feature that still in a pull request, but does not yet care if the tests are passing or not. In that case, it would be great if the separate admin system could pass in an env variable telling Bitrise to skip the test step.

Thank you for the feature request! :upside_down_face:

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Great idea - don’t forget to vote on it @visitwidget :wink:

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