Allow builds that are explicitly not Android or iOS

Description of the feature request

Allow me specify a basic linux container I can user for automation and show this with a Penguin instead of a Robot or Apple on the project list etc.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We are using Bitrise for all our automation. This includes deploying web applications and APIs. These are not mobile builds.


This is definitely possible even right now, we do this for the website & services too, as well as the CLI and other non mobile tools :wink:

Simply select Other as the project type during the setup, or if you already registered the project then you can change the Project Type on the Settings tab of the app.

Re basic linux container: use our Base image ( It includes everything required for the CLI and some useful preinstalled tools (like Ruby and NodeJS), and the image is pre-cached on the VMs so it takes no time to download.

You can also run docker commands on the Linux/Android stacks, so you can just docker run with any image you like (from a Script step for example).

If I missed something please let me know, but I think everything you described is already available, except the Penguin icon :wink:

I did select other for the project type but my builds still show as Android (since that’s the stack I picked?). The only stacks I saw were Android, Xamarin, Mac and iOS.

So only the Icon is missing? The title of the #feature-request is a bit misleading :wink:

Well there’s also the fact that I have to pick and Android, iOs or Xamarin stack

I see your point, but the “Android” stack is actually called “Android & Docker, on Ubuntu X” which should indicate that this is a Linux stack with docker support, but as we’re mainly mobile focused we have to highlight Android in the name. What would you suggest?

I would just have two items that essentially pointed to the same image.

  • Android on Ubuntu X
  • Docker on Ubuntu X.

The only real difference would be which icon shows up in the job.

I would love it if you guys added an AWS on Ubuntu X where the AWS CLI tools were pre installed but I know I could make my own image for that. Right now, I just have steps to install the AWS CLI

Makes sense and we definitely will do something like this in the future, but can’t share more about that right now (still under discussion, but the stack system will change most likely).

Feel free to send a PR (; but as you mentioned a custom image also works or just a simple sudo apt-get install -y awscli should also be enough, or instead of a Script step just mark the step with a dependency:

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