Advance build parameter dialog behavior

Was there a recent change to how the Scheduled Build->Advanced form validates and renders the form? I remember that if the tag or commit fields are used it automatically disables the branch field. This specific post (Question about BITRISE_GIT_BRANCH env variable - #2 by jamesradford) even implies that the branch field is not set if the tag field is used to trigger the build.

As of writing, the Branch field remains active and editable when the tag or commit is used. The value remains to be the main branch of the application, and it is used to set the BITRISE_GIT_BRANCH environment variable whereas before this was not set since the branch field is deactivated if one of the other fields is used as the build starting point.


Hello @anuerind :wave:

I talked to the developers, and according to them, the branch input was always editable, regardless of the tag or commit hash fields.

Is it possible that the feature you remember being different is related to the commit hash? If you provide the commit hash, the tag field disappears. And in case you provide the tag field, the commit hash field disappears. :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure the branch field disappears (or becomes uneditable) when I migrated our mobile pipeline around June 2020. I even had this stated in a note that I released to our mobile devs with regards to triggering advanced builds:

Advanced Build Request 

The Advance tab allows the requester to submit a job and target a tag or specific commit. This tab also allows specifying new environment variables or  temporarily override environments specified in the Bitrise property files without the need to perform an actual modification in the file. 

NOTE:  If a tag or commit hash is supplied, the dialog will disable the other two.  If a tag or commit is used, the branch name is no longer used.  Using a commit hash is not recommended at this point as there is currently no way to determine the originating market branch. 

Our pipeline has provisions to read the file at the root of the workspace to approximate the default values present in the Jenkins build dialog page. I was banking on the branch field being set to empty/null and not being editable in the migrated pipeline implementation.

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