Add support for Playstore internal apps sharing


Description of the feature request

Since 2019 GoogleIO we have the new Playstore feature for internal app sharing. It would be really helpful to have it as option in the “Deploy to Google Playstore” step. Are you guys planning on that when you implement V3 API as it’s only support there.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Background: We want to use Android app bundle from now on in all our build flows. We have several daily builds from Dev/RC branches which get tested by our QA department. For distribution we use HockeyApp/AppCenter. As of now those tools just understand .APK and no .AAB unfortunately.
With internal app testing from Playstore we could upload there (not have to increase the build number as in all the other tracks) and get back an URL which we would share with our QA. This URL provides the APK for that specific device from which it was requested.



Hi @jobaDD!

Thanks for the #feature-request! Make sure to vote for it! :slight_smile:



any plans for this?



Is this feature on any roadmap?

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