Add support for entering empty secret values

Description of the feature request

Secrets cannot be saved on when a value is empty.
As a workaround we can only enable value expansion and use non-existent environment variable as an input.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Analogous to those when empty environment variable is distinguished from not set one.

@koral Could you help me understand this a bit better by providing an example of how you treat an empty secret and a non-existent secret differently in your workflows?

One may have a script which distinguishes that. Eg in bash:

bash-3.2$ FOO=foo
bash-3.2$ echo "${FOO:bar}"
bash-3.2$ echo "${FOO:-bar}"
bash-3.2$ unset FOO
bash-3.2$ echo "${FOO:bar}"

bash-3.2$ echo "${FOO:-bar}"

In go there is a os package - os - Go Packages which is used by bitrise: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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