Add google cloud cli (gcloud, gsutil) to Mac stacks

Have default image installed with gcloud / gsutil cli.

upload files to gcloud

Thank you for the feature request!

Which stack @tbarak?

gcloud is preinstalled on the Linux stacks

Hybrid is the one I need

May I ask why you need it on the Mac stacks specifically? :thinking: Is this something you can’t do on the Linux stacks?

Hi! FYI, we are an entity that needs gcloud on the Mac stacks because in the same workflow we’d like to create a test Firebase backend and exercise our iOS client against it.

Hi @dweekly! Thanks so much for letting us know! If you could place a vote on on the original post as well, that would “make things official”. :wink:

Hi @ahvth-bitrise
Is there any update on the gcloud for Mac stacks?

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this is how i install gcloud on mac stacks:

export CLOUDSDK_CONFIG=/Users/vagrant/git/.config/
curl -sSL > /tmp/gcl && sudo bash /tmp/gcl --install-dir=/Users/vagrant/git/gcloud --disable-prompts

then you can use gcloud like this

/Users/vagrant/git/gcloud/google-cloud-sdk/bin/gcloud auth activate-service-account -q --key-file /tmp/key.json

Is there any more progress on the feature request?
For me the usecase was to upload e2e test apk to firebase test lab using gcloud cli. Its really time consuming to install gcloud sdk on every build.

Hi viktorbenei, I have flutter project & I need gcloud on Mac stack to run flutter build ios & deploy artifact to firebase test lab to run integration testing for flutter. Could you help us add gcloud & gsutil to Mac Stack?

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@phuc.tranh does this, what @AntonioInsuastiBP mentioned above work Add google cloud cli (gcloud, gsutil) to Mac stacks - #9 by AntonioInsuastiBP ?

Yeah, I installed gcloud by curl/brew on mac stack. But it take more time & I think if bitrise team support us install gcloud before, it save more time for us.

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Having gcloud installed is really helpful!