Add Flutter Driver step to be able to E2E tests on virtual devices


Description of the feature request

It would be nice to have a step that enables you to run flutter drive test. Read this post for a short introduction.

For example in our open source Flutter plugin repo we have an example application.

This example can contain a folder test_driver like to post above mentioned. This folder would be filled with E2E tests. These tests could than be runned as: flutter driver test_driver/* on a simulator.

So within the step you need to specify on which simulator it should run. Note that flutter drive can’t run/deploy to multiple devices. If you would like to support that, then each virtual should be closed and runned after each other.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Automate E2E tests within the CI/CD



was this feature request accepted?



Is this currently possible to do or no?