Ability to specify stack used via a PR flag

Description of the feature request

Use PR flags to determine which stack to use for the usual workflow.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We are developing iOS13 features that require a stack with a Xcode 11.x as the compiler/builder. In the meantime, all other PRs run as they have with the original stack.

Right now, all our PRs will trigger the default workflow. We do have a filter that detects if the PR name has a certain string, and in those cases we trigger a second workflow. However, that is not ideal because it means that:

  1. two workflows are triggered, which may not be desired
  2. the PR name is used in a manner not in accordance to our usual PR naming

What would be better is if we had a PR flag named “Xcode11” and when that is checked/included, then Bitrise would detect that and use a different stack on the same workflow. (Switching stacks is preferable to having two workflows; why create a duplicate workflow, which would mean maintaining two and keeping in sync?)

This flag would dictate the stack used. Ideally there could be another flag that would indicate whether the workflow should run a second time with the default stack.

There was a similar feature request filled few days ago. One of the solutions avoiding workflow duplication was also mentioned: Trigger workflow with different stack

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That’s correct, thanks for submitting anyhow @mzabetian! Let us know how well that covers it for you :slight_smile: