Xcodebuild -showBuildSettings timed-out


I’m having the following error happening randomly with around 60-70% of the builds, starting from today:

[13:57:59]: fastlane finished with errors
[!] xcodebuild -showBuildSettings timed-out after 10 seconds and 3 retries. You can override the timeout value with the environment variable FASTLANE_XCODEBUILD_SETTINGS_TIMEOUT, and the number of retries with the environment variable FASTLANE_XCODEBUILD_SETTINGS_RETRIES

We have been using bitrise for the last 6 months without any problems (like this).

I set the FASTLANE_XCODEBUILD_SETTINGS_TIMEOUT env variable to 600, but it seems like it’s ignored.

I’d need to resolve this ASAP unfortunately - are there any suggestions what could be the problem?
Build URL:

This seems to be a fastlane bug, I’d suggest you to open an issue on their tracker (https://github.com/fastlane/fastlane).

From our side, on the Xcode 8.3 stack you use there was no update since Xcode 8.3.3 so the most likely cause is a newer fastlane version or something in your code.

It seems you have the fastlane step on “update fastlane to the latest version”. This can be turned off if you want to. Related discussion:

Actually @dropsmark checked your log again, and it seems that the environment variable might have changed in recent fastlane versions.

In the log:


but what you have in your App Env Vars:



Still might worth a report for fastlane as it seems they changed this and do not read the old one (they could of course, for backwards compatibility).

Actually it might be just a new option?.. Not sure, it’s a bit confusing - definitely worth to ask the fastlane guys, I have no idea whether this is a new variable in addition to the old one (in which case you should keep the current env var too and just add this one as well) or they replaced the old one with this one…

ahh great, thank you!! this was a lifesaver!

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Glad to hear it worked :blush: