Xcode test in a pipeline failure

I just created a pipeline that runs on a PR with a single stage that runs 3 workflows on that stage. Two stages are running the Xcode test step (one for Xcode 13 and Xcode 14) and a build for that PR.

The Xcode 14 test step is failing (there’s a compiler error we are having, but that’s ok on this case) and the pipeline is being marked as failed.

The issue is that the GitHub check that the test step sets, is being registered as a success instead of being failed.

Hey @alayacare_humberto thanks for the report, I’ll let the team know and will check it.

Hey @alayacare_humberto I have started to look into this issue but unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem. Can you send me a link of your build affected by this problem?

@zsolt-vicze seems like it was resolved :raised_hands:t2: now the step is sending the failure correctly :smile: