Xcode Test for iOS v3.0.0

Added Xcode Test Repetition support (available in Xcode 13+).

  • New step inputs: Test Repetition Mode, Maximum Test Repetitions, and Relaunch Tests for Each Repetition.
  • Test Repetition Mode allows you to run your tests repeatedly in various ways, such as retry on failure and run until max repetitions. There are 4 options you can choose from:
    • none: The tests won’t repeat.
    • until_failure: Repeats a test until the test fails or until the maximum repetition.
    • retry_on_failure: Failed tests run until they succeed or until the repetition number you specify.
    • up_until_maximum_repetitions: Reruns all tests until maximum test repetition is reached regardless of the test outcomes.
  • Maximum Test Repetition lets you specify the maximum number of times a test will repeat based on Test Repetition Mode.
  • Relaunch Tests for Each Repetition will launch tests in a new process for each repetition if enabled.

Should retry tests on failure? step input is no longer available in Xcode 13+.

  • If you enable Should retry tests on failure? in Xcode 13+, your builds will fail with an error.
  • We recommend using the retry_on_failure Test Repetition Mode instead (see above). This will retry only your failed tests and won’t restart the whole test suite.