Xcode Test for iOS v2.1.0


Fixed an issue, where exporting screenshots did not succeed in case of failing UI tests, with the error message:
Failed to update screenshot names, error: screenshot not exists.

Exported screenshots have a different format, which now contains the test identifier, ios_simple_objcUITests-testExample_2019-01-10_11-05-49_screenshot_A0E6A26C-40C4-49E0-BBCB-47C9D023E772.png instead of the previously used 2019-01-10_11-02-59_Screenshot of main screen (ID 1)_1_F970609B-056A-4F4F-A337-FB586A03EDE5.png. Failing tests’ screenshots are now placed under the Failures directory.

Fixed an issue occurring in a development environment, in the case if the XCode DerivedData directory contained different builds of the same project:
Failed to export UI test artifacts, error more than 1 project derived data dir found.