Xcode-start-simulator: start multiple simulators in parallel

Description of the feature request

Starting a simulator without waiting until it is completely booted still takes between 20-80 seconds. Since I need 3 different simulators in one workflow, this could easily add 3 minutes to the total duration of the workflow. Ideally the duration of xcode-start-simulator would be always below 1 second. I did not expect them to take so long. But if this cannot be avoided it would be nice if I could boot those 3 simulators in parallel, so I can save round about 2 minutes.

I’ve analyzed the slow startup of simulators a bit more. When I enable verbose logging I get

[10:29:36] $ xcrun "simctl" "list" "--json"
[10:30:00] Parsed simulator list in 24s

When I run this command locally it takes always less than a second. I wonder why this is so slow on bitrise and if there is any way to speed this up or at least to not wait for this operation, so that it runs in the background.

Another idea if simctl is the problem maybe idb would be a alternative.