Xcode: Possibility to test without building first

Hello, we’re using Bitrise through API to trigger builds from inside a Gitlab pipeline. This pipeline has separate steps for building and testing - this way it is easy for us to see whether a commit failed to build or if tests failed. It also allows us to re-run just the test tests in case of flakiness.

There is the iOS Build for testing step, which works well for the first part. There is no corresponding test-without-building step. Is it somehow possible to prevent the standard Xcode test step from rebuilding the project, since it is already built by a previous workflow? Even manually specifying test-without-building into xcodebuild parameters doesn’t stop the rebuild. We’ve been able to use a custom script step for this, but would prefer to use standard steps if possible.

Hi @sjavora-kiwi,

Thank you for reaching out.

This is something that we currently do not support so please continue to use the custom Script step to achieve this behaviour. With that said, please open a new issue on the associated GH project describing your ideal functionality and mention (@non-binary on GH) and I will have it included in our internal feature request tracker.