Xcode Build for testing for iOS v2.0.0

What’s Changed

  • Test plan support by @godrei in [PLANG-1721] Test plan by godrei · Pull Request #39 · bitrise-steplib/steps-xcode-build-for-test · GitHub
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Irrelevant BITRISE_TEST_DIR_PATH Step Output removed. This output pointed to the built Targets directory (Debug-iphoneos for example) within the built Test Bundle directory.
    • New Step Input (Test Plan) for specifying the Test Plan to build
    • New Step Output (BITRISE_TEST_BUNDLE_PATH) that points to the root directory of the built Targets and Tests (earlier it was only exported in a compressed format under BITRISE_TEST_BUNDLE_ZIP_PATH). This output is useful for Test Plan enabled projects, when building all the Test Plans (Test Plan Input not specified). In the next Steps, the desired Test Plan’s xctestrun file can be referenced as: BITRISE_TEST_BUNDLE_PATH/<xctestrun_name>.xctestrun.
    • BITRISE_XCTESTRUN_FILE_PATH change: if multiple xctestrun files are generated, this output points to the Scheme’s default Test Plan’s xctestrun file (or to the first xctestrun file without default Test Plan).
  • Step Output export improvements.

Full Changelog: Comparing 1.4.0...2.0.0 · bitrise-steplib/steps-xcode-build-for-test · GitHub

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