Xcode Archive & Export for iOS v5.0.0

What鈥檚 Changed

Breaking Change

Xcode scheme listing has been changed in the go-xcode/xcodeproject library.
This change shouldn鈥檛 affect the rest of the projects using this step.

This update omits the user schemes of another user, which is in line with how Xcode treats such user schemes.
The new version considers the default shared schemes, which functionality was missing from the previous versions.

For some projects recreating schemes during the build is not needed anymore.

The Recreatue User schemes step can be removed from the workflows, if the latest version of the step (1.1.0) reports shared schemes for the project. This information is printed into the build log:

There are X shared Scheme(s).

Full Changelog: Comparing 4.8.1...5.0.0 路 bitrise-steplib/steps-xcode-archive 路 GitHub

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