Xcode Archive & Export for iOS Step With Automatic Appstore Connect Versioning

I noticed when the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS step completes, it uploads the new build to Apple but it does not automatically create a new app version in Appstore Connect like other tools do.

Please add support or an option to create a new Appstore Connect version to match the version of the app being exported. This is the Apple API that could be used for this purpose: Apple Developer Documentation

Essentially you would be replacing the two-step manual process on Appstore Connect to add a new version for new releases. The Appstore Connect screenshot I provided below illustrates the manual process that this feature would automate.

  1. First you must manually click the + button to add a new version:

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 2.48.55 PM

  1. Second you have to type in the new version in the modal popup and click Create.

I am totally willing to help develop this useful addition to the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS step but it would be a bit of a learning curve since I have not yet used Go modules before. But if you have the time, please consider adding this awesome feature.

Hello @evcdevelopment :wave:

Thank you for your excellent request, I escalated this issue for the Product Team as well. Please don’t forget to vote for your request, as the higher the count, the more it will be considered :slight_smile: