Xcode Archive & Export for iOS failed issue

This time, I added the coreBluetooth framework to one of the frameworks in the podfile in my project.
I think the problem is that the coreBluetooth framework is not properly dependent on the master branch.

The current situation is that when building from the develop branch, an issue occurs as shown in the picture.
In the podspec extension file of the framework in podfile
s.ios.frameworks = [‘ExternalAccessory’] in this code
s.ios.frameworks = [‘ExternalAccessory’, ‘CoreBluetooth’] Modify it like this:
Bitrise primary was running (Xcode Test for iOS stage) was successful.

However, when pushing to the master branch and deploying Bitrise, the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS step fails.

Help me.

Photo of an issue that does not occur in the develop branch but does occur in the master branch:
These are my deploy stages: