Xcode 14.3.x stack update - 2023-07-03

Notable changes

  • Default Ruby version has changed from 2.7.6 to 3.2.2 according to the deprecation plan .

  • Ruby versions are now managed via asdf . During the transition period, both rbenv and asdf are installed and can be used, but we recommend migrating to asdf, which also manages Node.js and Go versions on the stacks.

  • Note: ASDF now handles both .ruby-version and .node-version files. If your repo has any of these files with a version that is not preinstalled, you can manually install the requested version with asdf install ruby version and asdf install nodejs version.

  • Each installed iOS simulator runtime now has a device named “Bitrise iOS default”. This name is constant across all runtime versions, but the real device type changes based on the iOS version. You can use this device name in test steps and destination specifiers and be sure that it’s going to be available across all Xcode and runtime versions.

:warning: Reminder: Ruby 2.x versions will soon be removed from the stacks . Review your workflows and upgrade to the latest Ruby version.

Full system reports:

More info about Bitrise stack policies:

Happy Building! :rocket:

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