Xcode 11.5 downgraded from GM to beta


4 days ago the Xcode 11.5 image was downgraded from the GM build (11E608c) to a beta build (11N605f).

Commit here: https://github.com/bitrise-io/bitrise.io/commit/dff817308a5b4de2873aa1a1a4f59471fb6addd5#diff-e35247478a2cfcbaf13ac812842cf9a7L942

I cannot submit to apple, with a beta version of Xcode it rejects with “invalid binary”

Could you update the Xcode 11.5 image to use the GM build?


Also seeing this! It would be good to get this resolved ASAP especially given the fact this release includes lifesaving SDK support (Contact tracing framework). We’re not using it ourselves, but others may be!

we were affected by this as well, it seems like the edge stack still has the stable 11.5 build so worth using that until this is fixed

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! There was an internal issue that has been addressed. This problem should now be fixed and everything back to normal!

Our apologies and please let us know if you continue to see this issue.


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