Xcode 11.4 stack disk size is shrunk by 15GB

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Description of the issue

The available space on Xcode 11.4 stack is shrunk by 15GB compares to Xcode 11.3 stack. This change left only less than 10GB available on disk, which is too small to run our build.


If you check system_reports/osx-xcode-11.4.x.log in https://github.com/bitrise-io/bitrise.io/pull/344/files,

=== System infos ======================= === System infos =======================
* Free disk space: /dev/disk1s5 200Gi 10Gi 61Gi 15% 483838 2094619762 0% / * Free disk space: /dev/disk1s5 200Gi 10Gi 9.0Gi 54% 487456 2094616144 0% /

The available space reduces by 50GB in this commit. Looks like a bug to me.

We have the same issue here, 10GB is not enough to build ours apps

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@edfanhouse I added this script to the front of our workflow, which can free 20GB of the space.
sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Profiles/Runtimes/iOS\ 11*/
The downside is that the command takes more than 1min to run. I still think Bitrise should remove unessential runtimes in the Xcode 11.4 stack and give us at least 20GB of disk space.



This issue should be corrected. Please try again and if you see this is still an issue, let’s us know by opening a ticket with support:


Yeah, it’s working now. Thx!

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