Xcode 11.4 (non beta)

Hey! When will the Xcode 11.4 stack be updated to use the non beta version of Xcode? Apple complains about the current stack being a beta version.

ITMS-90111: Invalid Toolchain - Your app was built with a beta version of Xcode or SDK. Apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the GM version of Xcode 10.1 and the SDK for iOS 12.1 and watchOS 5.1, Xcode 7.1 and the SDK for tvOS 9, or Xcode 6 and the SDK for macOS 10.9 or later. If you are using an Xcode beta version to test your app, make sure you are using the latest supported version. For more information about supported beta versions, view the App Store Connect What's New page (https://developer.apple.com/app-store-connect/whats-new/).

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We are also experiencing the same issue. Does Bitrise communicate ETAs for these things usually?

Yer, usually in the changelog: http://discuss.bitrise.io/c/changelog but nothing about the latest xcode

Hi @cory and @reddavis!

Thanks for raising this question publicly! We indeed announce new stacks at #changelog but not ETAs specifically. We aim for the 1-2 day window of making a new Xcode version available after it’s release, but this time we weren’t able to do that due to some technical difficulties. We are currently expecting it to release it on this weekend.


Hey again!

We’re back to announce the Xcode 11.4 GM being available! :rocket: Thanks for all your patience, let us know if you have any questions!

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@bitce could you take a look at Xcode 11.4 stack disk size is shrunk by 15GB, the available space on Xcode 11.4 shrinks significantly after upgrade to GM.


This issue has been corrected. Please give it another try and if you still have a problem, let us know.


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