Xamarin Stable with iOS 10.3 SDK / Xcode 8.3

Any ETA on when Xamarin Stable with iOS 10.3 SDK will be available?

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Under provision right now, should be out this weekend as part of the regular virtual machine / stack updates ( How are the bitrise.io stacks updated and with what frequency? What's the stack deprecation / removal policy? ), unless we find any show stopper issue.

In the meantime, if you get an error like:

MTOUCH: error MT0091: This version of Xamarin.iOS requires the iOS 10.3 SDK (shipped with Xcode 8.3) when the managed linker is disabled. Either upgrade Xcode, or enable the managed linker.

Please enable the managed linker, as described here: http://blog.bitrise.io/2016/09/10/weekly-vm-updates.html


  1. In Xamarin Studio’s project navigator open your iOS project’s Project Options (by double clicking on the project/rigth click Options).
  2. Select iOS Build in the side menu
  3. Set the Linker behavior (in the Code Generation & Runtime section) to Link All or Link Framwork SDKs Only
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This was very helpful thanks alot.

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Glad to hear it helped :blush: